Air Attractions 2024

We are looking forward to sharing the programme with you soon. Please bear with us while we update it. 

Some of the stars from past shows.

OV-10 Bronco

The team formed in 2010 to maintain a living memory of the historic aircraft the North American Rockwell OV- 10 Bronco. The Bronco was a light attack and observation aircraft which served in many areas of the world from the 1960s to the mid 1980s. Tony de Bruyn is the main display pilot,  based at Kortrijk-Wevelgen airport in Belgium, with over 5000 hours to his credit. Displaying extensively throughout Europe and the 2 weekends after Portrush it will be in Lens, France and Sczeged, Hungary.

Team Raven

Team Raven is a formation aerobatic display team formed in 2014. They have always flown RV4 or RV8 aircraft, currently having 6 x RV8s. Led by Simon Shirley, a former RAF fast jet pilot, who is now a flying instructor on the Grob Tutor. Other team members include Gerald Williams, a former professional rugby player, Mark Southern, another former RAF fast jet pilot now a training captain on the Thomas Cook Airbus A330/A321, Pete Wells, Russ Eatwell, and Chris Heames.

Heard about the STEM village?

At the STEM Village (located in Village South) you will find many interactive, fun and engaging STEM employers and educators waiting to help you discover what interests you. Whether you’re still studying, picking subjects or considering a career change, come and open your eyes to a whole new world of exciting STEM orientated careers.

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